About Nori

Keep it dry. Avoid moisture.

After taking Nori out of its container, it may quickly absorb moisture due to hygroscopic salt contained in the Nori.
To enjoy the fresh flavor, Nori should be kept in a proper manner.
If an air-tight bag is not available, please keep the Nori dry by the following method:

Keeping Nori Dry

  1. Put a proper amount of desiccant in an air-tight container, and put Nori in it.
  2. Keep the container in a refrigerator or freezer.
  3. For use, before opening the container, leave it until it is warmed up to the room temperature.
    If opened while it is cool, Nori would be moistened with condensation of dew.
  4. Each time to have, take it out of the container by a small amount, and close the cap immediately.

Poor Storage

In careless storage, the flavor and composition may be turned to poor.
Sunlight and a high temperature may deteriorate Nori in its taste and flavor. Moreover, it may be discolored, and may not be turned to beautiful blue green when it is toasted.

In deteriorated Nori, intercellular enzymes convert the composition, too. For example, 80mg of Vitamin C contained in 100g of fresh dry Nori is decreased down to 10mg in poor storage.

About Nori

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