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How To Toast Nori@Toast Nori to enjoy its best flavor.

  1. Take out one sheet of Nori.
  2. Set the heater to glow heath, and put the Nori on a toasting net with its rough face under side.
  3. Keep some distance above the heater. (Two sheets can be toasted at a time if required)
    The point is to heat the rough side.
  4. The color turned to blue green shows the completion of toasting.

Be careful not to over-toast, or the flavor may be spoiled.

Heaters for Nori Toasting
The best one is an electric heater, that heat the Nori evenly all over.
Also, a gas oven, toaster oven, hot-plate can be used by taking care not to contact the Nori to direct flame.

How to Cook Moistened Nori

  1. Tear the Nori into small pieces.
  2. Prepare a bowl of soup with soy-sauce, rice wine and sugar.
  3. Put the Nori into the soup, and leave it till the Nori has been swollen.
  4. Put the Nori and soup in a pan, and cook them well till almost all the soup has disappeared.
  5. Keep the product in a jar that can be sealed with an air-tight cap.

It is a delicious preserved food. Please try this when your Nori is moistened.

About Nori

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