Producing and offering varieties of Nori goods. The most popular one is gOyster - soy - sauce - flavored Norih using the famous gHiroshima oystersh.

Toasted NORI, hot-pepper-flavored

Lovely spicy hot taste

A new seasoned Nori has appeared with red pepper. Its spicy hot taste stimulates the appetite. Not only in meals, this Nori can be enjoyed also when drinking Sake or beer before or between meals. It is an excellent match for drinks.
Dried Nori (a product in Japan), red pepper, dried shrimp, kelp, sugar, salt, soy sauce (including soybean and wheat), Mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), seasoning (amino acid, etc.).
Storage Method@(before open)
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. (preferably in a refrigerator)
Storage Method@(after open)
Close the cap tightly, and keep it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Country of Origin
  • Net : 30g
  • Standard : 60sheets
  • Shelf Life : 300 days

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  • Toasted NORI, hot-pepper-flavored

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