Producing and offering varieties of Nori goods. The most popular one is gOyster - soy - sauce - flavored Norih using the famous gHiroshima oystersh.


Masterpieces by YOSHIHIRO, the fifth master since the foundation of Hiroshimanori.

The basic material for both of the "Nori" and "Flavored Nori" is the highest class seaweed selected upon our standard. The natural organic food is carefully dried and processed for the best quality.
Dried seaweed (product in Japan), dried shrimp, Kombu (kelp), sugar, salt, processed soy-sauce (rich soy-sauce, sugar, fish sauce, salt, oyster extract, dried bonito extract), Mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), red pepper, oyster extract, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)
Storage Method@(before open)
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. (preferably in a refrigerator)
Storage Method@(after open)
Close the cap tightly, and keep it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Country of Origin
For the material, the highest quality seaweed is selected. It is dried and processed by the refined technique. The set is a wonderful gift.
  • Net : 52.5g
  • Standard : One can: NORI (60 pieces) / One can: Flavored NORI (60 pieces)
  • Shelf Life : 720 days

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