Producing and offering varieties of Nori goods. The most popular one is gOyster - soy - sauce - flavored Norih using the famous gHiroshima oystersh.

NORI, wasabi-flavored

NORI in new type with "wasabi". Its spicy taste stimulates the appetite.

"Wasabi" is Japanese horseradish popular as a spice applied on "Sushi". An ideal amount of Wasabi added to the Nori gives it an excellent spicy flavor. It tastes good and stimulates the appetite. Try and find the new taste!
Dried seaweed (product in Japan), soy sauce (processed from soy bean and wheat), granular Wasabi, sugar, fermented seasoning, konbu, salt, amino acid, and spice.
Storage Method@(before open)
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. (preferably in a refrigerator)
Storage Method@(after open)
Close the cap tightly, and keep it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Country of Origin
For the material, the highest quality seaweed is selected.
The size of plastic bottle is best for serving on your dining table.
  • Net : 30g
  • Standard : 60sheets
  • Shelf Life : 300 days

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